OMNI Outdoor Water Filter

OMNI UF Membrane Filter Installation

We specialize in installation and servicing UF membrane filters for residential, commercial and industrial.
Other than UF membrane filter installation and maintenance, we also provide sand filter installation, pipe cleaning and water tank cleaning services.
Why you choose OMNI membrane filter, check it out below:
  • Filtration density of 0.01 micron, 1000 times cleaner than sand filter
  • High flow rate & operates at a low pressure
  • Warranty against corrosion up to 15 years
  • Space-saving, wall-mounted type: vertical /horizontal
  • Water purity up to 96%
  • Super durable & long-lasting, 304 high-quality stainless steel filter casing
  • Removes harmful bacteria, viruses & impurities
  • Keeps essential minerals in water
  • Hassle-free DIY membrane backwash & easy maintenance
  • Korean technology

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 Our installation and service is available in:

# Ledang # Muar # Batu Pahat # Pontian # Johor Bahru # Kulai Jaya # Kota Tinggi # Mersing # Kluang # Segamat 

OMNI UF-2500
OMNI UF-2500
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